Digital experience design

Design is increasingly prominent in digital today, positioning users at the center of concerns. It also brings together various complementary disciplines.

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As part of the creation of a new brand or a new product, we help our customers create relevant branding, that will be sustainable and adaptable to all communications channels.

We define key aspects, such as positioning, targeting, name and visual identity. Associated with the production of guidelines (identity, copywriting, art direction), a good branding will support the growth of the brand or the product.

User experience (UX)

An in-depth user experience design methodology is crucial to build effective digital solutions that will be appropriate to the needs of the users.

To achieve this, we place users at the heart of our work, develop personae, build "user journeys", produce prototypes ( "rapid prototyping"), and conduct user testing to validate the assumptions.

Information architecture

We have a content-first approach that prioritizes content over graphic design and "wow" effects. This approach helps us achieve better efficiency, and is a good way to guide our clients through the production of quality content. It also helps anticipate technical development.

We conduct information architecture workshops, which role is to structure user paths, and to list and prioritize contents of each template.

Interface design (UI)

Interface design is intended to convey emotions to users through graphic design. We create coherent visual interfaces, that are scalable, and adaptable on all channels or projects.

We start with a first phase of research, with the creation of a moodboard reflecting our inspirations. Then we produce one or various UI kits (Design Kits), containing all the digital components within the user interface.

Interaction design

Interaction design is needed to engage users on an interface. This type of design has become crucial for mobile applications and web applications (react, node, meteor).

We conceive interactions that help users understand the interface: buttons, forms, transitions between pages or key stages of a journey (ie on-boarding processes). We also work animations and wording components.


Prototypes help us visualize user paths, and ensure that the product design is complete. They allow us to receive feedbacks from users before the start of the development phase (internal, external, end-user teams, etc.). They also facilitate the project's understanding by technical teams.

We create prototypes that are adapted to the technological context of each project (mobile applications, websites, platforms, etc.). They reflect user paths, visual interfaces and interactions conceived during our previous works.

Front-end design

Front-end design is often less prioritized compared to back-end development. However, in the digital world, a design is successful only when it has been translated into code. It is therefore crucial to produce a quality front-end design, to ensure the performance, the display time, the good SEO, and scalability of a digital product. We manage the creation of front-end design through an effective HTML, CSS, JS architecture.

In the case of a portfolio of digital products, we work on the creation of a "Design Systems", which ensure the consistency of methodology / design / architecture / code between internal teams and external partners. it also optimizes the time and costs of production. “Design Systems" enhance brand experience to users on all points of contact.

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