Ideation is key to better innovate.

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We conduct multidisciplinary collaborative ideation workshops with our clients to effectively generate ideas and address the underlying constraints (technical, legal, design, etc.). Then we take key decisions for the next step.

These ideation workshops define the objectives and key features of the product in question. They are organized either at our client location, or in our office. They gather together key internal stakeholders and providers. Thus, we involve a variety of profiles, who will have complementary opinions. This will help achieve better results.

Product vision

The product vision is more than a list of features. It materializes a long-term issue that the company whishes to solve, gives a sense of meaning to the company’s cause, and defines a strategy.

Audacy helps its clients to define a vision, to think about the business model that follows, and to produce "impact maps" and "action flows".

product organization

Too many products are conceived in an emergency, and suffer from a lack of perspective, vision, and inadequate organization. The result is high failure rates.

To multiply the chances of success, we implement and optimize the product management process within the teams of our customers. We help internal teams, and establish methods of organization for successful cooperation (methods "lean startup", "design sprints", "Lean UX", "design thinking" ).

Product research

A preliminary research phase is essential to understand the context of our missions in order to break with the established order and innovate.

We conduct documentary research and interviews: market research, making contact with the internal and external domain experts, analysis of the value proposition developed by competitors, study of collected data, research and analysis of academic publications, statistics .

Product management

Une bon management produit est déterminant pour rationaliser les ressources, et décupler les chances de succès. Il constitue une étape intermédiaire essentielle entre la stratégie et l’exécution et permet de transmettre des livrables communs aux développeurs / designers / chefs de projet / équipes produit.

Pour y parvenir, Audacy se charge de la gestion produit pour le compte de ses clients, ou accompagne leurs "product managers". Nous intervenons sur la production de la "road map", la structuration des "user stories", la définition des KPIs, et la priorisation du "backlog".

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